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Humanitas Financial is an independent company with an independent spirit. We specialize in serving the unique needs of educators, public employees, individuals, and families. We are passionate about serving those that serve the public good. Just as they work tirelessly for others, we work tirelessly for them! Our team of professionals have your best interests in mind and are here to help you with convenient virtual meetings.

Grounded on America's Main Street, where a firm handshake and trust still mean something, we're driven by the firm conviction that every individual matters. We believe everyone is worthy of respect. We encourage everyone to live their best life. We offer everyone the guidance necessary to reach their goals. Each individual deserves to know and understand the fundamentals of their financial situation and how it plays into building a better and happier future.  

<strong>Specialized Financial &#38; Retirement Planning<br/></strong>

Specialized Financial & Retirement Planning

Humanitas Financial is a full service Financial & Retirement Planning firm serving the unique needs of Educators, Public Employees, Individuals, and Families. You dedicate your time and effort to the service of others. We dedicate our time and effort to building financial solutions that work for you. Our mission is to develop a plan for you to generate lifetime income so you can enjoy a secure retirement.

Whether planning for retirement, a child's education, or protecting your family’s future, our team of experienced professionals has helped thousands of individuals, families, educators, and other public employees prepare for a secure future and reach their financial goals...We can help you too. 

We will help you understand what you can expect from your educator or public employee pension and/or social security and identify if there is a shortfall. If there is a shortfall, we help you develop a plan to supplement your retirement income to ensure you have income at retirement that will last a lifetime. By working together, you will be prepared for the bright future you envision. 

<strong>Our Clients are on America's Main Street</strong>

Our Clients are on America's Main Street

We are passionate about serving those that serve the public good.  Our clients are educators, public employees, individual, and families... everyday people with an extraordinary mission. Just as they work tirelessly for others, we work tirelessly for them! 


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