<strong>You dedicate your time and effort to the service of others.</strong>

You dedicate your time and effort to the service of others.

We dedicate our time and effort to help build financial solutions that work for you. Whether you are planning for retirement or your child's education, Humanitas provides solutions to help teachers and public service employees build savings throughout their careers, and in turn helps them have predictable income that lasts throughout all the years of their retirement.

<strong>Retirement can be an exciting new chapter of life.</strong>

Retirement can be an exciting new chapter of life.

For many, however, the excitement of retirement can be tempered by concerns of the unknown, like outliving your savings. We provide the right tools and help you develop a solid plan for your future.

You can breathe easy knowing that in retirement our programs can provide a steady stream of lifetime income.

 We specialize in helping educators and public employees understand how much income they can expect to receive from their pension and/or social security.

In many cases, your pension or social security alone will not be enough. By analyzing the specific income needs, risk profile, and tax position of each client, we work with them to develop and implement a clear goal oriented retirement plan. We also work with our clients throughout their working years to insure their plan stays on track.

We are there for our clients In retirement as well to implement the most efficient income strategies, maintain the required level of income, and to maximize wealth that can be passed on to future generations.

How much will YOU get from Public Pension and/or Social Security?

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